Who we are

Hortus Machinery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adrian Scripps Ltd.

Adrian Scripps Ltd has been growing top fruit for over 60 years and has always adopted new technology to drive productivity and quality. After researching and testing a wide range of harvesting platforms, including overseas visits to view robotic harvesters and conventional machines, we concluded that Revo stood out for build quality and most importantly the best fruit handling.

Having taken the decision to mechanise our harvesting we purchased a fleet for all our farms, reducing our requirement for picking labour by over 30%. Our confidence in the manufacturer, the machines and the technology persuaded us that Revo was ideally suited to the UK top fruit industry.

We are fruit growers first and foremost and need to work with a manufacturer who understands what we need. Revo understands fruit harvesting better than most. They specialise in harvesting.

Hortus Machinery have now sold over 60 Revo platforms to growers from East Anglia to the West Midlands.

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