Small, compact, stable and quiet. Find out why PIUMA 4WD is considered a true revolution among fruit harvesters. Thanks to the exceptionally gentle handling of the fruit, the new Apple Transportation System ensures their quality all the way to the bin. PIUMA 4WD reduces picking time, labour costs and guarantees excellent results.

The conveyor belts placed on the extremities of the harvester convey fruit to the main belt, which collects and seamlessly conveys them into the bin.

PIUMA 4WD moves the fruit faster, more gently and even more efficiently than any competitor in the market today. The fruit is gently placed into the bin with just one simple belt exchange. The automatic self-levelling system guarantees the same harvesting quality also in hilly terrains. Combined with our unique platform extension, PIUMA 4WD delivers the perfect harvesting tool. On slopy terrain the independent platforms allow the operators to work on both sides of the row, regardless of the difference in height.

After harvest it is easy to uninstall the harvesting module, transforming it into the perfect partner for all your orchard’s requirements, i.e. pruning, thinning, opening and closing hailnets etc.

  • Technical Specifications


    4 wheel drive


    Yanmar 18.5 Kw (25 HP) Diesel

    Braking system

    Negative brake

    Min width with closed platforms

    1400 mm

    Max width with open platforms

    3030 mm

    Platform extension

    815 mm each side

    Working length

    5500 mm

    Transport length

    3900 mm

    Lateral platforms max height

    1800 mm

    Ground clearance

    230 mm

    Command system


    Leveling system



    10° / 17%


    8° / 14%

    Wheel system

    Independent front and rear wheel steering and crabbing

    Fruit handling

    Single conveyor system


    2500 kg

  • Video


  • Hydraulically activated platform

    Hydraulically activated platform
    Hydraulically activated platform 140x110 cm. to install in the place of bin rotating device, max. height 250 cm, hydraulically extendable small side platforms adding extra width of 60 cm. each side with inclinable railings
  • Joystick

    Joystick and wiring to small platform
  • Mechanic unloading bins

    Mechanic unloading bins
    Mechanic rear unloading of full bins from turntable
  • Two separation system

    Two separation system
    Two quality apple separation system with fixed container
  • Two separation system with forklift

    Two separation system with forklift
    Two quality apple separation system with forklift for second bin discharge
  • Extra brush for two quality separation system

    Extra brush for two quality separation system
    Extra brush system for additional protection in two quality separation system
  • Mechanised rear forklift

    Mechanised rear forklift
    Mechanised rear forklift for remote bin discharge
  • Lowering front conveyor system

    Lowering front conveyor system
    Hydraulic lowering system of the front conveyor section
  • Waste box

    Waste box
    Waste box
  • Compressor

    Air compressor 50 lt., pressure unit 250 lt./min, complete with quick couplings
  • Assisted guide

    Assisted guide
    Assisted guide with ultrasound sensors
  • Wheels centering

    Wheels centering
    Automatic centering of the rear wheels
  • Below footrests

    Below footrests
    2 small lateral fixed footrests, below
  • Lateral footrests with railings

    Lateral footrests with railings
    2 small lateral fixed footrests with railings for self-leveling version
  • Main belt conveyor unit

    Main belt conveyor unit
    Complete metal frame for storage of the whole main belt conveyor unit, including hydraulic quick-couplers, electric quick-couplers and forklift plates for lift down
  • Lateral conveyor belts of 130 cm

    Lateral conveyor belts of 130 cm
    Surcharge for 2 extra-long lateral belts 130 cm length
  • Lateral conveyor belts

    Lateral conveyor belts
    2 additional lateral small conveyor belts of 130 cm length with electric brush system