Fitted with tracks, this unit is ideal for very steep terrains and is considered a true revolution in mechanised harvesting. The Conveyor Transport System guarantees absolutely safe movement to the bin, thanks to the individual e delicate handling.

PIUMA Track reduces picking time, labour costs and guarantees excellent results.

The conveyor belts placed on the extremities of the harvester convey fruit to the main belt, which collects and seamlessly conveys them into the bin.

PIUMA Track moves the fruit faster, more gently and even more efficiently than any competitor in the market today. The fruit is gently placed into the bin with just one simple belt exchange.

The Automatic Self-levelling System also guarantees the same harvesting quality in hilly terrains. Combined with our unique platform extension, PIUMA Track delivers the perfect harvesting tool.

  • Technical Specifications


    Yanmar 18.5 Kw (25 HP) Diesel


    Tracked undercarriage

    Track motors

    Double speed hydraulics


    1° 1,7 Km/h - 2° 3,4 Km/h

    Braking system

    Negative brake

    Min width with closed platforms

    1400 mm

    Max width with open platforms

    4000 mm

    Platform extension

    1305 mm each side

    Working length

    3730 mm

    Transport length

    2900 mm

    Lateral platforms max height

    2400 mm

    Ground clearance

    185 mm

    Command system


    Leveling system



    24° / 44%


    18° / 32%

    Fruit handling

    Single conveyor system


    3100 kg

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